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ACTR1000 or ACTR3000? Which One Suits You Best?

The first journey as a Trader of RTC is finding out which ACTR account does suit you and your trading portfolio. The fundamental difference behind the underlying account type lies within the architecture of the account itself.

Since the past few years, the biggest development in retail forex and CFD trading has been a gradual shift towards ECN and STP execution. Both offer similar traits but there is a significant difference when we are talking about the trading execution.

The difference between ECN and STP is where the commission is applied. In ECN, the fee takes the form of a commission on your trades thus the ACTR3000. In STP, the fee is included in the spread making the price on an STP execution; ACTR1000 all inclusive. Essentially, ECN is raw price + commission and STP is raw market price + spread. In both cases, the end price will be the same just the calculation will differ.

ACTR3000 offer the best tightest spread as it can get from the industry with a $3 commission per round trip lot where round-trip lot is opening and closing a standard lot (100,000 units of the base currency).



At RealTrader Community, we wanted the best possible trading conditions for our clients which is why we opted for both STP and ECN trade execution. This allows us to offer the best possible execution available to all type of traders regardless of trading styles.


This concludes that the choice is in your hand. You choose the best method that suits your preferences and needs. You are in control all the time. Thank you for reading and happy trading!




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