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Social Trading Presumed as a Joke and Why RealTrader Community is Not


Back in the early 2007, the Financial Markets industry started to introduce a new way of trading approach which enable investors to replicate the trading operations of any expert traders. This service requires little or no knowledge about financial markets, and only requires that the user make a correct selection of traders to follow, especially considering the percentage of successful operations and the diversification of the financial instruments traded by the expert. At the introduction phase, social trading was presumed as speculative activity for the pursuit of money in the short term which have been considered negatively and subjected to criticism for the damage on the real trading activities.



The idea of social trading which later empowered by mirror trading technology, which have embraced by only a few financial trading brokers around the globe because of its uncertainty or uncharted risk involved. During the time, brokerage business was run by institutional players which has no sense of how this new era of trading would benefiting them from a brokerage point of views. Then everything changes, when Metatrader4 trading software getting more popular and has high demand from end clients which encouraged the White Label brokerage business model, which easily started by anyone with acceptable amount of seed capital even without proper knowledge on how the business operates. There comes a lot of inexperienced players jump into this brokerage models and most of them was from the retail foreign exchange experienced traders. These groups of people have a totally different view towards social trading and its benefit to the industry or traders, which they seen this new idea is a short cut for newbie traders to be successful in trading by only copying the experts trading operation.



The word itself explain it all, instead of going thru a hell of learning curve journey, spending huge amount of money in pursuing the trading knowledge and expensive experienced and tools to be able to understand how the trading ecosystem works to become a successful trader, why don’t we just copying those experts trading operation and making relatively same amount of profit percentage as they do, depending on how much our fund is? If the users insist, users will still be able to continue learning the trading knowledge while making money at the same time. It is like a workable solution and has been accepted throughout the industry. It is where the first version of RealTrader Community (RTC) in 2011 which it has the answer on how making money from trading is as easy as just by copying the experts or defined as proven profitable and consistent traders. Being among the first who provide a completely automated copying system in the industry, it has given an edge to RTC to understand this social trading turf at a bigger perspective thoroughly.



Even until today, it is a very depressing fact that most of us still believe that the title of an expert is completely translated by how much and how soon they are making money from trading operation. The more and the sooner you do it, means the better you are as a trader. The perception of judging a trader capability purely by gaining percentage has become the norm of everybody, despite if they have a trading experiences or not. This is where everything screwed even though the direction of this social trading idea is no doubt justified as benefiting the users. This unconscious perception has a significant effect on how the social trading platform was engineered by the providers to easily attract users with the idea of success can be duplicate, without noticing the back bone of the ecosystem was already leading them to the darkest side of trading experienced. Traders who make the most in a shorter time frame is no doubt a good trader, BUT he is good only for himself, not to the mass users due to the risk involved in his trading approach. Becoming an expert in trading turf are completely different to an expert in the social trading platform. There is why RTC introduces an industry standard of profiling or evaluating a trader through its RTC Scoring system and re defined the true meaning of a genuine social trading platform’s expert by calling them as INVESTABLE GRADE TRADER (IGT). The RTC scoring system is carefully engineered by evaluating a trader not only by gain percentage, but from a widespread attribute like risk management, performance, consistency, accuracy, experience, discipline, capacity and market correlation. The higher a trader scores in RTC scoring would describe the level of their achievement to be defined or class as Investable Grade Trader, which clearly should be the real aim of the users who pursuing making money from this industry by copying the genuine expert traders.



From the trading industry perspective, they are only two group of people which one called as traders group and the rest fall into non-traders group. Traders is the one who passionate in trading the financial markets driven by their trading intelligent capability, skills, times and many more while non-traders group are people who has little or no knowledge about financial markets and trading in specific. These two groups of users are completely different but there is one thing that they have in common which is both NEEDED EXTRA INCOME to raise their living standard no matter who they are. Realizing this fact, RTC is developed to reach both groups segment driven by the objective of fulfilling everybody need of making extra income or called as FINANCIAL SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE. The objective is crystal clear and achievable justifying by improving its system thoroughly from scratch where every single contributing element are brainly engineered to serve the ultimate purpose of benefiting everybody not limited only to the traders or investors only but also the marketers or easier said, to everyone. The final product of RTC social trading platform is designed to enable anyone from any financial background, age, or individual preference to utilize it and making extra income from the 7 Trillion volume industry per day.



Realizing the profound objective of RTC social trading platform which to pursue in providing financial solution for everyone, leaving it to no other option than it must be done correctly inside outside without no structural defects as humanly as possible. 7 years of experiences and pioneer in the social trading platform truly giving a valuable edge to the team behind this solution platform which again, in shaping the financial markets industry or social trading platform specifically not only in its region but around the globe. RTC are determined not to act as only as a marketing tools for a broker but benefiting everyone out there in time. It is truly the next big thing to happen in the industry and proudly provided by the team that truly understand where to financial markets is heading to. May god ease this journey.

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